Achievement and SIP

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Our school follows the guidelines set out in the OCDSB Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluation, available on the Board’s website. Students are assessed according to Ministry of Education provincial standards and expectations. Teachers use ongoing assessments, such as daily student work, math journals, homework assignments, tests and quizzes, oral presentations, classroom observation, partner and group projects and standardized tests in order to evaluate student progress and plan appropriate next steps for student learning.

Student reading and understanding are assessed using diagnostic tests: the Grade, PM Benchmarks for Grades 1 to 3, GB+ for Middle French Immersion (M.F.I) and CASI for Grades 4 to 8. Many junior/intermediate students maintain a portfolio of their work. The portfolio is shown to their parents in a student-led conference. Expectations for individual students are modified according to Individual Education Plans developed in agreement with students' parents/guardians. Each spring, grade 3 and 6 students participate in the EQAO provincial assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. This assessment takes place over 3 days and individual student results are sent home in the fall.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

Literacy and Numeracy

We continue our focus on improvement in the literacy and numeracy skills of our students. Literacy and numeracy initiatives are ongoing. Blossom Park has completed a 3-year Turnaround Schools project through the Ministry of Education. This program provided additional resources and support to participating schools in order to improve the acquisition of literacy by students in JK to grade 3. Our school focus provides a whole school approach for ongoing reading comprehension improvement. A balanced literacy approach, including shared reading and writing, is in place in all classrooms. Our current School Effectiveness plan focuses on Reading and Writing, particularly on demonstrating understanding and making inferences and interpreting texts. Through this School Effectiveness plan, students will use higher-order thinking skills to understand the direct and implied meaning of texts, which will foster a higher-level of success in complex and multi-step problems in all areas of the curriculum.

Healthy, Active Living

School organization and programs promote the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle for students and staff. Our school follows the Balanced School Day, which comprises two 40-minute nutrition/recess breaks. All students in Grade 1 to 8 participate in 20 minutes of daily physical activity (DPA). We ensure that students consume healthy, nutritious snacks and lunches by providing parents with ongoing nutrition information in newsletters and at parent information sessions and providing a snack exchange program for students. Our school continues the Healthy Active Schools Initiative, a partnership with Ottawa Public Health (OPH), to enable children to make healthy choices about food and physical activity on a daily basis.

Once a year, all students participate in multicultural dance workshops and then share their dances at a school wide performance. Students have many opportunities to participate in running throughout the school year with cross country running, the Terry Fox Run, the National Capital Children’s Marathon and our community Sixth Street Fun Run (in partnership with neighbouring schools).

We continue to promote positive attitudes and foster respect for self, others and property by:

• organizing monthly character education assemblies;

• involving students in environmental initiatives such as recycling, EarthCare, and the Golden Dustpan Award;

• highlighting the importance of punctuality and daily attendance at school.

Other Initiatives

We continue to work together with our School Council and the school’s MLO (Multicultural Liaison Officer) to encourage a greater number of parents and other members of the school community to become involved in the life of our school. We continue to organize sessions for interested parents with information on topics such as the provincial report card, balanced literacy and the school Code of Conduct. Each year, we organize a Literacy Week, which includes visits by guest readers, a poetry café, a “Blossom Park Reads” contest modeled on the CBC’s Canada Reads, as well as a Literacy Evening for parents. We also have a daily Breakfast Club for our students, and healthy snacks provided by the Maycourt Foundation. In 2004, Blossom Park became a “Green School.” Our courtyard is designated as an official “Monarch Waystation”, as we have created a monarch friendly garden. Our commitment to environmental conservation is ongoing.

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