​​Intermediate Orientation


​Overview September 2016


Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):


The first four days of school will consist of various workshops and homeroom activities for our intermediate students.  The workshops and activities goals are to form positive relationships between the students and for all the students, in the intermediate division, to meet all of the Grade 7 and 8 teachers.  The workshops will also touch on areas that will help students navigate through the intermediate years successfully.  Some of the workshops include:

Workshop #1 - Organizational Skills: Start the year off right!  Learn the key strategies of how to be organized and stay organized throughout the school year.  There are key strategies (use of agenda, calendars, schedules, time management) to keep you organized both at school and at home.

Workshop #2 - Pathways: Get to know yourself!  What are your strengths and interests? Prepare for the future by getting to know who you are.


Workshop #3 - Character Education:  Looking at the various character traits, students will work in small groups to prepare and perform a cheer that represents the ten traits.


Workshop #4 - Cooperative Games: Students will participate in both fun and challenging activities that inspire leadership and cooperation with other peers.


In addition to the wonderful workshops we will also be having a special presentation promoting positive mental health provided by CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) YouthNet.  We look forward to an inspiring start to the academic year!


The Intermediate Team